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Would a degree from an engineering school or a duel diploma with a liberal arts school and an engineering school give an engineering student a more well-rounded education?

Asked Marietta, Georgia

As a student with many interests, spaning from stem to art-history, it is hard to tell what kind of institution will be best suited for me. Would you suggest a program that is soley at an engineering school, or would a duel degree with an engineering school and a liberal arts college be better for me? I'm concerned that I am going to miss oppertunities either way. Any advice? #women-in-stem #stem #steam

3 answers

Jacinda’s Answer


Hello Rosa. You have many options when it come to attending a liberal arts schools and still achieving your goals for engineering. I actually attended a liberal acts school and they had great programs in the sciences for students. Create a list and do a bit of research on the final 3 on your list to see who would be the best fit based on your wishes. Good Luck!

Lai’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington

I went thru similar question when I was in College. I had a dual major - Information Science and Finance. I found the STEM courses helped me build a good knowledge foundation. Highly recommend it.

Jackson’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hello Rosa. I do not fully understand your question of engineering school vs. liberal arts school. In general, having 2 degrees where one in engineering and one in art-history would make you a better rounded person. I only have one engineering degree. I wish I took the time in college to take a variety of courses. However, my financial situation at the time limited my options.

Since you are in Marietta, GA, I assume you looked into Kennesaw State University. KSU has College of Engineering & College of Humanities. If you have the interests and willing to take the classes, get one degree from College of Engineering and one degree from College of Humanities.