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Should I study abroad?

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I really want to travel while I'm in college but I don't have very much free time therefore studying abroad seems like a good idea. However, I don't have the funds for it. Should I take out a loan? Is it worth it?

11 answers

Ana Isla’s Answer


Studying abroad will allow you to open your mind, increase your comfort zone, learn a different culture, a different language, increase your global network, and get the chance to travel around a different country. Totally recommend!

Lucie’s Answer

Studying abroad is an exceptional experience. I'm European, and can't stress enough how Europe is different to anything else in the world and has a culture than enriches one. Studies are very constrained to the university, and spending X number of years in the same campus with the same people, same professors, same environment, same culture, can become uninspiring.

I believe year abroad students have a less tough curriculum in general than full time students in that university, in that professors tend to be very understanding of the fact you're from another country and are also here to discover. So you will most probably have time to find a job to compliment your studies and help you pay your studies!

Roger’s Answer


I like what Susan Waldau said: "(Studying abroad) may be no more expensive than studying on campus."

Both of my daughters went to school "out of state" at Arizona State University and studied abroad. The cost was the SAME as going to ASU on campus and paying for housing. The only additional cost was the FLIGHT. My oldest daughter minored in Spanish and studied abroad in Spain. She took 6 units in Barcelona and 6 units in Seville. She was gone for 12 weeks.  My younger daughter studied abroad in New Zealand.  She took 6 units on the "Filmography and Economic Impact of Lord of the Rings." She was gone for 4 weeks.  Seriously, my younger daughter toured scenic film locations of "Lord of the Rings" in beautiful New Zealand for a month... It wasn't school. It was a vacation for my kid. 

Both daughters truly benefitting from the Study Abroad experience. Highly recommend if the costs are right. As Susan Waldau states: "Adding a semester abroad into the mix may not be that much more overall."   

Kelly’s Answer


Yes. If you have the opportunity and it is reasonably feasible, I highly recommend it. I did a five week study abroad program and wish I had done the full semester. Five weeks was not long enough, but it was better than nothing. It's a great way to explore a different part of the world, meet new people, and learn about different cultures.

Andrew’s Answer


I echo the sentiments of the other answers. I was fortunate enough to study for a semester in Italy and I don't think I could ever put a price tag on that experience. I would certainly look into programs that offer grants and financial aid if money is the only factor holding you back. You also want to make sure that the program you choose will transfer to your school. That way you are still progressing towards graduating.

Donal’s Answer

Yes!!! Definitely, it will open up your mind and you might find an industry that you never thought of. It will also help you to become a more rounded person and meet new cultures, these are important traits for employers... soft skills are very important these days.

Shannon’s Answer


I highly recommend studying, working, or living abroad. You learn a lot about yourself, gain a lot of perspective about the world, it challenges you, helps you learn a lot about yourself, and it opens doors to opportunities you may not otherwise have access to!

Jasmine’s Answer


Hi there,

Study abroad is one of the best memories of my college career. If you worry about cost, I'd suggest looking into summer study abroad programs where you only stay for 2-3 months. For my school at least (UCLA), the cost was the same as a summer tuition and the only extra cost was the round trip flights and food while you're there. You can also look into study abroad opportunities in cheaper countries to cut down cost.

Mario’s Answer


What is your degree in? I went to Texas A&M and we had to have 14 hours of a foreign language to graduate. I did the math and it was cheaper to pay to study abroad in Mexico and get the 14 hours then it would have been to study Spanish in a classroom.

You get so much more from the cultural exchange. You become so much more ingrained in another culture, and learn a different way to approach life and a way of thinking.

Susan’s Answer


Having had the good fortune to be able to study abroad for 2 years during my college experience, I would encourage you to try and find a way to do so.  Does your intended school offer semester/year-abroad programs in your field of study?  If so, they may be no more expensive than studying on campus.  If you are taking out loans already, adding a semester abroad into the mix may not be that much more overall.  Also, there are numerous volunteer opportunities that you could perhaps mix into your college time that would allow you to gain international experience while contributing. 

Mitch’s Answer


Without a doubt you should study abroad. It is one of the most eye opening and rewarding experiences you could ever have. What you learn abroad greatly outweighs what you learn in the classroom!