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Muntasir Aug 31, 2018 692 views

Should I study abroad?

I really want to travel while I'm in college but I don't have very much free time therefore studying abroad seems like a good idea. However, I don't have the funds for it. Should I take out a loan? Is it worth it?

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Tierra Jan 16, 2018 572 views

Are jobs overseas better than the US?

I want to live and work outside the US #foreign-languages #international #jobs #working-abroad

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Kaesin Nov 27, 2018 451 views

Advice for aspiring horse trainers and horse riding instructors from low-income families?

I really want to be both a horse trainer and a horse riding instructor, however, I come from a low-income family who can't afford horses, pickups, trailers, a farm house, or anything of that sort. I'm currently a senior in high school who plans on going to college for Equine Management, however...

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Pravin Mar 15, 2019 768 views

What career should I choose?

#career-choice #career-choice #career-path #career-counseling