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Dublin, County Dublin

Within 40 mile radius
Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 04, 2019 604 views

Where to get a Data Science job?

#data #computer-science #job-search

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Apr 27 233 views

5 questions about being a special effects artist

1 How much pressure is on an artist?
2 What is the usual amount of time to complete a project?
3 How many artists work on a project?
4 What is the highest tier of this kind of job?
5 How do you grow your skills beyond whats needed?

Leidy Tatiana’s Avatar
Leidy Tatiana Nov 10, 2020 699 views

Marketing skills practice

Hi everyone, I'm a 4th year business student but I'm very interested in marketing, I would like to practice more my marketing skills to complement the concepts I have gained in college, the problem is that I don't know where to start. I would like to build my CV towards a marketing career. I...

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jun 06, 2021 325 views

How do I become a homicide detective?

Specifically, I'd like to work in Austria, so if you have advice for that, that'd be great, but the general European regulation and requirements would suffice too. I've always been interested in crime and detective work, and I'd love to be a homicide detective. Would I have to be a police...

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara Apr 04, 2019 287 views

How to find auditions in my local area?

How can I find auditions for acting or performing near me? What websites or where do you surest I look? #acting

ana’s Avatar
ana Feb 04, 2019 493 views

what should I study with these interests ? and subject choices !

I really enjoy acting I have a lot of experience since I’ve been doing it since I was 8! I know acting can be a hard buisness to get into so I would love to be part of the film industry. Directing producing editing etc I think it sounds so interesting I also am interested in advertising and...

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara Mar 22, 2019 396 views

How can I get a career in acting and musicals?

I would love to perform as a career but I don’t know how or where I should go to do so. #performing-arts #acting #career

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