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what should I study with these interests ? and subject choices !

Asked Dublin, County Dublin

I really enjoy acting I have a lot of experience since I’ve been doing it since I was 8! I know acting can be a hard buisness to get into so I would love to be part of the film industry. Directing producing editing etc I think it sounds so interesting I also am interested in advertising and marketing I’m ALSO quite good at science which is making it really hard for me to decide subject choices would you have any advice on subjects and college courses ? Thank you !! #college #acting #business

3 answers

Brittany’s Answer

Updated Macon, Georgia

Hello Ana,

It is great that you are wanting to pursue all of these college courses and are on your way to trying to declare a certain major to go into. My first advice, would be to look into colleges with majors that tailor to all three of your interests. As a New Media and Communications major myself, I was able to find a university that fit both film, advertising and marketing. Basically, what I am trying to say, is to search for specific universities that have majors which combine all of your interests. Another thing you could do is, when you are enrolled in a college or university take classes that fit around these three interests that you have. Once you have a general idea of what the classes are like, you will be able to better assess which interest you would like to focus on more. I hope this has helped and good luck on your college endeavors !!!

Brittany recommends the following next steps:

  • Find universities or colleges that have degree programs with all of your interests combined.
  • Enroll in college classes that fit around your three interests. If you don't want to spend unneeded money on classes just to find which better assesses you, you could find out about what these courses are all about before taking them on a university's website. Most universities give you a summary of what the class will be about prior to taking it on their website.
  • Another thing you could do to combine all three of your interests ,is to select a major and a minor once you enroll into college or university. For example, you could major in Film and have two minors in Advertising &Marketing and Science or vice versa.

Mckenzie’s Answer


Hello Ana!

I have a son that shares your same passion. He is in to theater and loves musicals. Are you involved in any theater projects in your area? If not get involved. Also it would be great if you could do a theater summer program at a college near by. This is a good way to really get a true understanding of where you would like to grow in that area. I feel that film is a very competitive industry but if you are passionate about it you can defiantly reach the stars!

Indira’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Ana. It's great that you are passionate about acting as well as science. My friend's daughter did a double major - Astronomy and Art. She ended up in Fashion design!

You should visit some of the larger universities that offer a variety of programs and discuss with their faculty and admissions offices to see how you could do a combined program - select one as a major, and another as a minor. As you go thru these courses, you will get a better sense for which path might be better for you.

Also, look into finding a job shadow/internship programs that let you get a feel for what it's like in the real world. Wish you the very best!

Indira recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit colleges that offer both fine arts as well as sciences, check out their programs and talk to the faculty about a combination program that will give you a flavor for both
  • Explore job shadow or internship opportunities in both areas (perhaps, one year try films, and the next year try working in a Lab)