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Where to get a Data Science job?

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5 answers

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Claudia’s Answer

Hi Erik,

I am also based in Dublin and I think its a great location for any tech-related jobs! Data scientists seem to be in more and more demand in the software companies in Dublin and also Ireland in general (there are also some very interesting companies based out of Cork and Galway to name but a few).
I would advise signing up on LinkedIn, if you haven't done so already. You can add your CV and your skills there and look for jobs in the area, or even in other countries if you prefer to work abroad. As others mentioned, the field of data science is continuously evolving, so maybe it would be helpful to narrow down what you want to look for, something that matches your current skills and allows you to grow too.

Read the job descriptions carefully and apply for the ones where you feel you have some of the skills already. In my experience, you don't need to be an expert in all the skills the companies ask for, because if you have the basis you can always learn the rest.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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Navya’s Answer

Data science jobs are everywhere already and growing everyday. Apply for jobs on linkedin. Most companies are in need of good data scientists now and if you are good at it, you will be hired. Also apply for jobs on the companies' job portal.

Navya recommends the following next steps:


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Sean’s Answer

It's true that data science jobs are everywhere and still increasing, but please make sure what you are looking for as a "data science job" is aligned with what the company is looking for. Do you like working on programming more or do you like working on data analysis and visualization more?

For companies got in this field early (e.g. big tech companies), their data scientist have different specialties, such as "data scientist – analysis", "data scientist – experimentation", and "data scientist – ML". These specialties could be stated in the job title or description. If not, check with the recruiter or someone in the company.

For smaller companies for companies new in the data science field (traditional industry), they may be looking for a generalist who can do everything (data engineer + ML engineer + Data analyst + statistician). Sometimes they don't even know what they want to do with data science. They may be thinking applying "data science" can magically boost their revenue by 20%. Be aware of and prepare for this kine of job openings when you are seeking a data science position.

Sean recommends the following next steps:

Find jobs on Linkedin, Monster, Indeed, or company websites
Talk to recruiters or people in the company about the position

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G. Mark’s Answer

We are in an age where the interconnection of societies, countries, people surrounded by communication and especially the internet are producing astounding amounts of data. The Internet of Things is accumulating, it is estimated at the moment, about 50 percent more data per year each year for at least the next five years. After that, it's likely to be much more. It's estimated there will upwards of 80 billion sources of data on the planet by 2020. Understandably, Artificial Intelligence and specifically Machine Learning are being used to leverage this data to find patterns and make predictions and analyses simply because this is a resource that is just too good to ignore. Data Science is an application of this happy situation. It is a source of a distinct competitive advantage as well as an opportunity to help everyone be more successful, powerful, effective, healthy, safe and, yes, happy. So Data Science jobs will be tremendously numerous. Right now, you can look at any job board and see positions requiring Data Science. Check out Monster, Indeed or any of the other dozens of job boards.

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C’s Answer

The others are right in that you should apply for jobs now. The industry is generally very hungry for talent, and you have decent odds that someone may be willing to roll the dice on you. However, there is another path that you can take to prove out your ability: Go to competition websites (like Kaggle) and join some of the offerings there. You'll learn a lot, make some connections with others in the field, and start to establish a track record of what you can and cannot do. You might even make a little money while you're at it.