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Navya Mangena

Data Analytics Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Boston, Massachusetts
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Devin Oct 21, 2018 740 views

Does a finance major do mostly

#finance #accounting #major #business

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Claire Apr 11, 2019 1477 views

I want to be a Data Scientist

I have Maths and French literature double degree. Learning some Python and can do it just for Pandas. Looking for an entry-level job but hard to figure out where to start because there is very few senior data scientist in the field. Almost every company want data people but they don't even know...

corey’s Avatar
corey Apr 10, 2019 833 views

where to live

where is the best place to live for someone in computer software #computer-software

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Erin Mar 04, 2019 1027 views

Where to get a Data Science job?

#data #computer-science #job-search

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Olivia Apr 16, 2019 473 views

If my strengths are organization, being on time, being good with computer appliactions and my hobbies are reading, making stories, and playing video games, what type of careers or industries might best fit me?

I would just like to know the opinion of this question to see what will really fit in with my strengths and hobbies. #career

tanner’s Avatar
tanner Mar 27, 2019 784 views

How much does it cost to start up a company and keep it running?

Highest, average and lowest amount #business #entrepreneur #management #finance

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isyss Apr 17, 2019 1244 views

How do I decide what career I would like?

#career #career-path #help

corey’s Avatar
corey Apr 10, 2019 4595 views

What questions do interviewers ask during an interview for computer science jobs?

Also, what questions should I ask them?
#job-application #career #computer-software #software #programming

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David Mar 13, 2019 636 views

What do you like least about your job?

#technology #computer-science

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Jacob Apr 17, 2019 2389 views

How can I speak properly when in an interview?

#career #interviews #job-search

corey’s Avatar
corey Apr 10, 2019 1329 views

any tips for a new programer

I have the fundamentals down for c++ but I'm looking for advance tips and tricks to make my programs run smoother

#computer-software #programs

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Yuliana Apr 17, 2019 629 views

how many years of school for business?

I wanna know how many years of schooling you need to become a professional business person
#business #college business-management #marketing