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how many years of school for business?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I wanna know how many years of schooling you need to become a professional business person
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5 answers

Navya’s Answer

Typically 4 years for Bachelors Degree and 2 years for Masters Degree.

I have completed my MS in Finance in 1 year in an accelerated program.

Mahesh’s Answer

Updated Cary, North Carolina

If you solely focus on business major, I would say 5 ( 4 for bachelors and 1 for MS) as you can plan and get some credit hours that can count for your master's degree. If you don't want to pursue a master's degree, just 4.

I strongly recommend going for master's as the incremental time spent is well worth it

Sahel’s Answer

Hi Yuliana,

I grew up and lived in Australia, and recently moved to the United States. My business degree in Australia was only 3 years long, and is fully recognized by the US! So international degrees can be shorter than those in the US (which as mentioned by others on this thread are typically 4 years long).

Hope this helps!


Amy’s Answer

Updated North Carolina, North Carolina

Typically, you can earn a Bachelors degree in business in 4 years. Many of these programs offer co-op or internship opportunities, which will give you work experience in your field . Sometimes these programs will extend your degree completion by up to a year, but you gain valuable real world experience. There are also accelerated MBA programs where you can earn your Bachelors and Masters degrees in 5 years. You can start by looking online for schools in your geographic areas with business programs. Good luck!

Sydney’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Between the pre-requisites for the business program and the business degree itself, it should take you about 4 years to get a business Bachelors degree.

Hi Yuliana, Typically business takes 4-5 years of school, but it depends a lot on your area of study and if you plan on just completing a Bachelors or if you want to pursue a Masters.