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Does a finance major do mostly

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Patrick’s Answer

Hi Devin,

As some of the other responders have mentioned - Finance is a very broad major and can translate into a variety of jobs. Myself, I graduated with both an Accounting and Finance degree not sure which avenue to pursue post graduation. Since then, I chose to get into auditing to expand my knowledge of many different businesses and their inner workings but you can look into many various finance type positions with either degrees including but not limited to financial analyst positions in most any industry, positions within investment banking institutions, and careers in personal finance. Some of the most common professional certifications people tend to explore post graduation include the CFA and CFP exams depending on your desired career path. I would encourage you to research some more of these positions and certifications as you pursue a finance degree and see which path sounds best for you!

Best of luck!


Navya’s Answer

I am a Finance major. Looks like your question is more like does Finance major alone suffice?If that is the question, here is the answer. It depends on the kind of work you want to do in a job after your college. Finance is vast and there are a lot of job roles that you can take up such as a financial analyst, an accounting role etc. Think about your interests before you start your course.

Bob’s Answer

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