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Even if you are doing cosmetology do you also do nails and makeup ?

Do you get to do nails,makeup,and still do hair ? #cosmetology #makeup #nails

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4 answers

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Daniela’s Answer


Cosmetologists spend most of their time dealing with customers’ hair. They wash, condition, style, straighten, curl, and color hair. This entails the use of dyes and bleach. Some practitioners only cut, color, or shampoo hair. Others specialize in recommending, designing, trimming, and fitting wigs and hairpieces.

Skin and nails also receive a lot of attention. Facials, massages, scalp treatments, facial-hair removal, and eyebrow styling are among the services provided. Some cosmetologists specialize as nail technicians, also known as manicurists; pedicurists, who concentrate on toenails; electrologists, who are trained in hair removal; and estheticians, who provide skin-beauty treatments.

In addition to treating clients, cosmetologists maintain equipment, order materials, and perform clerical duties. Those who run their own shops also have financial, administration, and management responsibilities.

Professionals who provide services involving the hair, nails, and skin are called cosmetologists. They are also known as beauticians and hairdressers.

Cosmetologists are concerned with improving their customers’ appearance. In addition to cutting and styling hair, they apply makeup and provide treatments for the skin. They remove facial hair, and care for fingernails and toenails.

Most cosmetologists are employed at hair and beauty salons. Other worksites are barbershops, spas and resorts, hospitals, hotels and large stores. Cosmetology is one of a number of occupations in the personal-appearance industry, which is expected to experience average job growth through 2022.

Read more in: http://www.healthcaresalaryworld.com/cosmetologist-job-description/


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C.Peaches’s Answer

Cosmetology covers a wide range of services. Just like medical doctors, its best to have knowledge in every area covered by your license. Then choose your specialty. Customize your life and clientele too the money you want to make. This field is limitless, explore and have fun.

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Venus’s Answer

In cosmetology you are able to various services. Hair, make-up, facials, nails, waxing. You can do everything and also specialize in or all areas. My talents have been earned by 37 years experience. Color is my best and I do it with a natural ease. Also color is your #1 money making area.

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Terri’s Answer

If you become a licensed Cosmetologist, you can also do skin and nails in a full service salon. That means, a salon that provides all beauty services. Your llicense allows you to do those there, BUT, you need a separate license to work as a Nail Tech or Manicurist in a Nail Salon. Or an Athestician License to work in a Skin Care Salon.

This is advice from me as a Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Massachusetts. Other states licensing and regulations may be different.

Hope this helps! 😀