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What section of cosmetology is harder nails, hair or makeup?

Personally which section do you believe is the hardest to learn and why? and the second part is What way has the biggest amount of clients in it? Like do some people get more nail clients, hair clients and or makeup clients? #college-majors #nails #cosmetology #makeup

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2 answers

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Amy’s Answer

I would just like to make an observation since I am not a cosmetologist. I recommend looking at it like this....

Sit and ask yourself these questions. Sometimes it helps to write out the answer.

What makes YOU like cosmetology? Which parts of it do YOU TRULY enjoy? Which can you see yourself doing every day for 8 hours and really loving it? That's where your focus should be.

Everyone who answers this has their own passion in it and it may not fit what YOU enjoy. You'll get your clients your way because they will see the passion you have for what you do and they will want to come to YOU. Good luck!

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Karen’s Answer

Most cosmetologists specialize in hair, makeup or nails. I know a few cosmetologists, including my best friend, my brother and my hairdresser, and each of them have specialized in what they enjoy most. My brother loved doing hair, but does not enjoy doing nails or makeup. On the other hand, my best friend specializes in nails, and does some makeup on the side. In many cosmetology programs, you will learn all three, but don't necessarily have to do all three. Try it and see what you love!