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How can I show colleges that I am eager to go to their school?

Asked Homestead, Florida

There's going to be an information session for a school I plan on applying which I will be attending. What can I do to show the advisors that I am passionate about their school? What questions should I ask? #college #college-selection #school #college-admissions

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Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

The most effective way to show an interest is to share your career focus and

  • ask about the school's faculty and classes and facilities related to that focus
  • ask about coop and internship opportunities in that career area that might be available at this school
  • ask to meet and talk to graduates of that school who graduated in your area of interest, so that they could be able to share their experiences in that school and in that career area
  • share your experiences in that career area including classes taken, extracurricular activities related to that area, reasons for interest in that area and ask how this might be viewed by the college upon application as possibly helping make you a more attractive candidate

Here are some tips:






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