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Are there any places I can volunteer that would show my commitment to wanting to be a pharmacist?

There are a lot of hospices and hospitals that I want to volunteer at but I'm not old enough to yet. I want to start showing my passion for pharmacy and medicine now. What type of places can I volunteer at that will show I'm dedicated to pursuing a pharmaceutical degree? #pharmacist #pharmacy #medicine #volunteer

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You can show your dedication and commitment to making and reaching goals, being flexible and having the ability to work with a variety of people through many volunteer opportunities.  You don't need to limit yourself to only those directly relating to pharmacy.  Think about or ask some pharmacists what people skills are important in their job.  Likely they will say things like customer service, team player, etc. You can develop those skills and gain experience by helping out at events, serving meals to the homeless or volunteering in other areas that interest you.

With every good wish!

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Hello Gabriella,

University of South Florida has a proto type pharmacy near Tampa. They call it pharmacy of the future. I am sure they would help you out. Same way you contact UF and Florida A& M.

Big retail chains like Walgreens and CVS had program for local students in the past. Check it out through your school career counselor.

Other sources are NABP and other pharmacist associations who has a placement service. You may not qualify for their program unless you are already a student but they may provide you a guidance.

Good Luck. May your dreams come true.



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