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What extracurricular activities look best on a college application? Must they be school affliated?

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3 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Tristan: I'm answering your question based on experience with my own two young adults who had a mixture of extracurricular activities on their college application. Yes, I agree that it does help to have activities in your career path but, don't let that deter you from including other activities which are not in your path. You want to include activities that you love, are passionate about and enjoy doing.

Extracurricular Activities to Include:

*Academic Clubs


*Volunteerism/Community Service

*Part-time Job

Colleges want to see how you're spending your time and if you have any leadership skills. So think hard and include all the extracurricular activities you feel that are important to your application. My thought is that at least you are doing something with your free time rather than doing nothing.

Here's a link to a site that you may find helpful.  .  .


Good Luck to You on your journey!

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Research fastweb.com site https://www.fastweb.com/student-life/articles/impressive-extracurriculars
Think thoughtfully and carefully about the extracurricular activities you are including on your application. Things like volunteerism/community service, clubs, part-time jobs, etc. go a long way.
Research the colleges where you want to go to website and see what types of activities they may have. That might help trigger you in the right direction on selecting which activities to include on the application.

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Ken’s Answer

The most important activities to include on your application would be those related to your career choice. I have outlined in the answer to your other question, the means by which you could make an appropriate career decision. After you have made that choice, you can investigate career exposure opportunities which would allow you to learn more about your career area of choice. These might include networking meetings with people in that career area, visitations to professional associations to which people working in that career area belong, volunteer and shadowing and intern and coop opportunities which would allow you experience the career area, and part time and full time and summer jobs in that career area. These are the activities which would be most meaningful to include on your in your application as they indicate a focus and career direction, which would give them an sense that you would be a serious and successful scholar.

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Estelle’s Answer

Variety....follow your passion and try to do things that are different to stand out. You also need to volunteer at free clinics, & hospitals as well as missionary work If possible.