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What kind of jobs can you get with an undergrad degree in Chemistry

Asked Redmond, Washington

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Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

By following the process in my answer to your other question, you will get a good idea of which jobs in Chemistry would be best suited for you based on how your personality traits match wich people in the Chemistry area.

Luz’s Answer

Updated Panama City, Panama

You can try different fields like education, Manufacturing process in different industries, Laboratory analyst , Investigation and also for food preparation. For example, If you want to manufacture soaps and Shampoos, your chemist knowledge will help to prepare your own products. There are more options, but these are some of them.

I began as a laboratory analyst at a petroleum company. I also assisted in some administrative duties in which we review our results following our quality assurance processes. And then I was in charge of all the quality system of the company.  As a chemist I also worked at a waste water laboratory. And also I continue working in other areas like Data analyst because I'm a detail oriented.

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