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Elizabeth Nov 06, 2018 524 views

I took two SAT subject tests and I'm wondering if I should send those scores to colleges that don't require them?

I got a 720 on Math 2 and 690 on Biology. Some of my schools have the option of submitting these scores. Do you think submitting them will help or hurt my application? #sat #college-admissions #college

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Elizabeth Nov 05, 2018 672 views

How much should I consider salary when choosing a major or career?

College debt is such a big issue and I don’t want to spend years working towards a degree that won’t get me a good career. I don’t have a strong passion for a certain field yet (but I do enjoy STEM), and I feel bad making a huge life decision based mostly off of money. #college #career...

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Elizabeth Nov 05, 2018 480 views

Does anyone have any tips for writing college essays and personal statements?

#college #writing #college-admissions #college-advice

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Elizabeth Oct 08, 2018 481 views

What is the hardest/most competitive major at STEM-focused colleges?

#college-major #major #college

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Elizabeth Oct 08, 2018 474 views

What kind of jobs can you get with an undergrad degree in Chemistry

#job #career #career-path #chemist #chemistry