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Funding Graduate School

Asked Carrollton, Texas

Is there a financial aid database specifically for individuals attempting to go to graduate school? #graduate-school #financial-aid #scholarship

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Alexandra’s Answer

Updated Amherst, Massachusetts

Hi Sahonara!

I am in a similar situation right now, as I am completing my graduation applications for a masters program in social work. I have done a good amount of research for ways to fund grad schools because it is very expensive compared to undergrad schools. I've seen research grants can be given if you are in a field that works with science and research. I have seen that working for an organization like AmeriCorps or the PeaceCorps offer funding for education. There is a time requirement to work for them, but if it's something you are interested in, I'd try to reach out for them. Along with government affiliated programs offer tuition reimbursement programs. Depending on your state or country, I'd look into seeing if any positions working for the department of education, or which ever department correlates with your graduate school would be a good option for you. Along with most non-profit organizations offer a plan that after 10 years of making monthly payments they relieve you of what is left of your debt. There are many possible ways to fund graduate school programs, so I would say search the internet and find the best fit for you!

Best of Luck!

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