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What are the requirements to become a pharmacist technician?

Asked Clarksville, Tennessee

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Sheila’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Shauna:

I researched your question and found a link to information that may be useful in helping you to get started on requirements to become a Pharmacist Technician.  .  .


Good Luck to You!

Kristina’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Shauna,

I am new to the forum but wanted to chime in on your question regarding becoming a pharmacy technician. In addition to the website provided to you earlier, you can also apply directly to different pharmacies. I would also suggest that you visit the website for the state board of pharmacy as they usually have technician support sites as well! Best of luck to you in your search. I have know several pharmacy technicians that moved on to become great Pharmacists! Please let me know if I can be of more assistance!

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