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How much does it wear one down to go through seven years of school to get a career in psychology?

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Emily’s Answer

There are certain points in the semester that will might require more work like higher weighted assignments, larger amounts of reading, big projects, etc. The easiest way to prevent burn out is through the practice of time management and self care.

Time management: Monthly calendars are great for mapping out deadlines and due dates. Depending on your learning style you are able to do this in google docs so that you get reminders, or you can print out and handwrite the assignments on a monthly calendar that you can easily find on google. If you are someone who gets satisfaction out of crossing things on a list then daily or weekly to-do lists will keep you organized. The key to time management is being disciplined and following a plan that you have put in order. There are 168 hours in a week and you will be surprised how much free time you actually have is a great way to figure out how to allot your time is to create a schedule for the entire week. Ex: Time spent sleeping, eating, travel time, class schedule, work hours, etc. this way you can find time in the day to focus.

Self care: Believe it or not a healthy mind and body will be important for your schooling. Self care routines can be anything like spending quality time with friends/family, listening to music, working out, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, getting enough sleep, nutrition, etc. Self care is going to look different to each individual. Look into positive psychology! This field is about looking at the good aspects and how to live life to the fullest opposed to psychoanalysis.

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G. Mark’s Answer

It need not wear one down at all if one paces oneself and actually enjoys the subject. Be aware that leaving school does not equate to leaving hard work behind. If what you study is actually a good choice for you, the work can be enjoyable and rewarding. If you like what you study, you've got a life of enjoyment ahead of you. Not idleness, mind you, but enjoyment. I always loved what I studied and because of that my career, while occasionally very stressful, has always been enjoyable, entertaining, interesting and rewarding. I can't imagine not doing it.