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Do you guys think food science would blow up?

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Kertiandra,

I think so!

I'm not in the food industry, so this is all strictly just opinion, but I believe that the food industry will undergo a dramatic change in the next 10 years. So much of that industry is not run scientifically, but given the pressures of consumers and regulations, I believe in that food science is a very interesting career for the future.

Here are some fun things happening:
1. Vegan meats are becoming better and better at fooling our brains into thinking that it's really eating meat, when it's really consuming legumes, mushrooms, and other ethically sourced ingredients. In 20+ years, I hope that there are "perfect" replacements for all meats, allowing us to eat ethically and cheaply.
2. Because of the need to conserve water, scientists will get more and more involved in farming. These future farms will grow plants in perfect environments, reducing prices, saving water, and providing perfect produce for consumers.
3. Consumer appliances will continue to improve to a point where you'll be able to cook like a chef without the experience.

I think the end game for food science is hundreds of years away, when Star Trek technology will come true and we'll be able to instantly get food when we want it without doing any work. To get there, we'll need food scientists. :)

I wish you the best of luck, whatever career you choose. :)

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Lillian’s Answer

Our university uses a website called ONET to predict job growth and salary data. I looked up "Food Scientist" and according to ONET, there's "average" job growth with about 6% job growth overall in the United States (projected 1,800 jobs total) and a 1% growth in the state of Maryland (projected 10 jobs in Maryland).