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Do I need Training to be a Detective, If so where do i get it?

Updated Elizabeth, New Jersey

I want to be a detective in the NYPD, for the Special Victims Division. The detectives in this division typically investigate crimes involving sexual assault or victims of non-sexual crimes who require specialist handling such as the very young, the very elderly, or the disabled. #criminal-justice #law-enforcement

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Lillian’s Answer


The short answer is no, you don't need any external training before you apply. However, make sure you fit the following requirements:

A high school diploma, 60 college credits or two years of military experience are required to apply to the NYPD. Candidates must be at least 21 years old and must complete the application and pass a pre-hire interview. The pre-hire interview includes a brief medical exam and character investigation. In addition to a written and oral psychological evaluation, you must complete a job standard test that includes a physical test; this is typically an obstacle course that must be completed in four minutes and 28 seconds. Additional job requirements include having a valid, unrestricted driver’s license, U.S. citizenship, residency in one of the five boroughs of NYC and a clean criminal record.

If you are recruited, the internal training begins then: New recruits complete a police academy at the New Police Academy in Queens, NY. Police academy combines classroom training in constitutional law and civil rights with hands-on training in patrol, traffic control and firearms. Training in first aid, emergency response and self-defense are attained, along with police ethics training. In the final weeks of the academy, you complete in-the-field training under the supervision of a licensed officer, riding along with an officer on routine patrol. After the police academy, you must take and pass the police officer exam. The NYPD offers online tutorials and test preparation booklets.

After you work as a normal police officer for at least a year, then you can be promoted to be a detective.

To become a detective with the NYPD, police officers need:

  • At least one year of experience working in their rank with the NYPD
  • A strong demonstrated history of arrests and enforcement
  • A recommendation from their commanding officer