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does Bates college have a good business program

Asked Honolulu, Hawaii

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Simona’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington


Selecting a college can be very important.  As a former college student, there were many trips to visit campuses during junior and senior year.  So I can understand what you are looking for.  To answer your question, I looked at the National ranking of colleges as rated by US News.  Bates College's ranking in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, 22.  I've added the link below so you can get more information on the college rating and the school itself.


I recommend you:

  1. Read the article from link above
  2. Visit the school website
  3. Visit the school
  4. Talk to current students to see how they like it
  5. Talk to students in the program you want to study
  6. Determine if this is the school for you

I hope this information is helpful.  Good luck with selecting the right school for you!