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Is there jobs for food testing ?

Im a sophomore in high school. #food

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3 answers

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Adolph A’s Answer

Depends on what kind of testing you want to do. You can become a good critic, a teaching chef, or work for the state to evaluate health standards at restaurants and institutions. If you are a sophomore in high school, you can work with your school newspaper and start a food column and rate restaurants.

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Mia’s Answer

Hi Aisha

Yes there are jobs for food testers. Here are some steps to becoming a food tester:
1. Meet the age requirements.
•Most culinary manufacturing organizations require that their taste testers be at least 18 years of age.
•Occasionally, foods which are designed specifically for young children will be tested on individuals who are below 18 years of age. These children, or their parents, must sign an agreement that removes liability from the company providing the food before the sample can be consumed.
2. Obtain the proper education.
•Most corporations who hire taste testers prefer individuals who have had at least some training in the field of food preparation. Individuals with a degree in culinary arts are a popular choice for taste testers•Food manufacturers will sometimes contract with universities to employ their food science department students as food tasters and sometimes even to run their food tasting sessions. The students and their testers are usually paid in either cash, gift cards, or coupons. The students also gain experience in how manufacturers use taste testing results in their product development process.
3. Familiarize yourself with the "terms of the trade."
Taste testers must be able to say not only if they like or dislike a particular food, but must also be able to describe it in specific terms. The texture, viscosity, and palatability of a particular product are only a few of the factors on which an item must be evaluated.
4.Consider choosing a specialty.
•As with other fields, individuals who are skilled in a particular area are often more sought after than those who know a little bit about everything. Choosing one particular food or area in which to specialize can make you very sought after as a taste tester.
5. Test your palate. (sense of taste)
•Any professional will tell you that in order to excel in a particular field of study, you must never stop learning. This is no different when it comes to being a taste tester. Taste testers should always be trying different foods, drinks, and beverages to improve their palates.
Hope this helps

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Aisha,

Yes. However, I think it the professional world it would most likely fall under a "Quality Control" type description. This would apply to taste testing a product at a company to make sure that it meets the standards before sending it out to the buyers.