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How do I gain entry-level experience with K-12 students

Asked Los Angeles, California

I am applying to Cal State Northridge for their master's degree in school psychology. My background is working with intellectually and developmentally delayed adults. However, I have never worked with K-12 how do I get started? If I don't have that experience it does not disqualify me. However, it would help me if I had some experience. Any advice would be appreciated. #graduate-school

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Gwen Hardin,’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Hi Jessica,

You may want to consider looking at any volunteer opportunities that allow you to work with children if you want to gain any experience with that age group. Your work with adults is still important and an advantage on your application. It shows that you are able to work with people who have varying degrees of developmental problems which you will also come across as a school psychologist. Share any knowledge or insight on your work experience with adults and any information about their disability during childhood and how you have been able to help them. You will have more of an opportunity to work as an intern at a K-12 school site once you are in your Masters program as well. Hope this has helped you.

thank you this helps a lot