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Why did you decide on your career?

Asked Safford, Arizona

what made you decide you wanted to be an actor? #acting #actors #performing-arts

2 answers

Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey

Dear Hunter S,

You don't decide on a career you decide whether you will follow one or build one. I decided on my career because I have knowledge of different things that work for me in the realm of communication. Therefore it was only right that I created a international academic podcast and network with sponsors. I did not choose it, it was already in me and I focused on it.

Michelle’s Answer


Hello, Hunter S. -

It is always inspiring and interesting to discover what inspired a person to becoming an actor.

Since you've asked about me, I will start out by saying that I discovered that acting was for me when I was five years old. I would watch movies and television and think to myself that is the thing to do - portray characters and tell a story. I was greatly inspired by film and television and the stories they told.

Acting is a creative and people oriented field. One must be interested in learning about human behavior and one must also love to talk. That was me. It was a natural fit.

Throughout the years, I had no strong support or influence to actually be a child actor so I focused on academics and found an interest in the social sciences. In college, I started acting and spent 13 years as an actor and theatre professional. I've also spent 27 years in the social services field, so I was able to utilize my skills in two of my favorite careers.

I have once described the love of acting as this: Actors love life and life is not enough for us. We must be bigger than life . We must reflect, create, illuminate and bring to people : Life.

One caveat about embarking on a career in acting : stay true to your morals and ethics, know that it is a job just like anything else and the minute you allow negative emotion or compromise your values, your career will weaken. Stay strong in whatever you do and never compromise your own values.

Best wishes in your career path !