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What training have you received that helps in your career?

Asked Safford, Arizona

I m hoping to become an Actor, and so I am curious what training helps the most with doing that profession well. #acting #actors #performing-arts

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John’s Answer

Updated Lakeville, Massachusetts

In my 27 years in the military I have been trained as a Water Purification Specialist and a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Specialist as well as attending Officer Candidate School, and the Captains Career Course. Along the way I have gotten an Associates in Applied Science, a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry / Geology and a Masters Degree in Environmental Health and Safety. All without getting 1 dollar in student loans. For me the military provided the discipline and fundamental skills of a life long educational plan that has helped me in each of my careers.

Now the military is not the only way to get these skills. You can get them through internships, apprenticeships, volunteering or being lucky enough to find a mentor to help you navigate the early steps of your life. Good luck!

I mean, that's nice, and that is very impressive, but I don't really see how those training courses help with a career in acting or the dramatic arts. Seems only vaguely related as general career skills.
Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood, Elvis, Morgan Freeman, Chuck Norris, Pat Sajak, Johnny Carson, the list goes on and on, why because the went in, they learned what they needed to learn and they got out. Sure they learned how to get along with others, how to be disciplined, they put up with struggle and what truly being uncomfortable is like. These are things you can't learn in college. Also I took an intro to acting class the kids in the theater program actually mostly failed it. Mostly, I think, because they lacked the qualities stated above. The teacher liked me because i followed instructions, I passed assignments in on time and I picked a scene that me and my partners nailed. It was a scene from Biloxi Blues and when we were done she asked if I had ever acted before.
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