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Will i be reward?

Asked Tucson, Arizona

will I be rewarded for doing good business #business #law

2 answers

Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey

Dear Carlos,

The universe has a law which is called fair exchange. Any energy that you put out you are guaranteed to receive back. Do not just do good business but be good at everything that you put your focus on. Always use temperance, prudence, fairness and courage in every project or idea you dedicate yourself to. You can't I repeat you can't do good business unless you are already good. I wish you the best on your journey young man.

Justin’s Answer


While nothing in this world can truly be guaranteed, I believe that by practicing good business you drastically increase the chance of being rewarded. By putting your best foot forward in all situations, you are able to open a multitude of doors in your personal and professional life. These doors are opportunities where you can be rewarded.

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