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What type of medical careers can I have with certain courses?

I am currently in the 11th grade in high school. The courses I have are:
Basic mathematics
I would just suggestions of any good career paths I could follow. I'm interested in anything medical but I'm not sure how much I can do without chemistry or pre calculus/ applied math.

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3 answers

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Patrick’s Answer

Hello Katie,

First off I think it is very exciting that you desire to help people by seeking a career in the medical field. You have many choices a head of you and in will discuss choices I had when I was graduating high school.

The two options I had was college or military and really due to the cost of college I really only had one. No matter college or military you will have great and memorable experiences and mostlikely meet some great people.

College, which I do not have a lot of experience with would be great opportunity and all you have to do is decide what aspect of the medical field you a wanting to go into whether or not you choose pedictrics, emergency medical technician (EMT), dentist, or any of the other dozen fields. You could even be a nurse or even a assistant. There is also hospital administrators. The next step is to find a school which has the program you are interested in and apply. I do recommend that you complete general education prior to enrolling into the program to save money.

The next option is the military and I can mostly speak on the Navy. I attached a link at the bottom where you can view the program's the navy has. The good thing about the navy is that you can choose to career paths enlisted and officer. For medical purposes, enlisted personnel would be physician assistance in the navy we call them Hospital Corpsman. Hospital Corpsman also have different specalizations and because they are navy they can also be attached to Marine Corps units. Second career option is commissioned medical officer which can be anywhere from a family practice physician, to a dentist, physical therapist, optomologist and many more.

Many of the navy programs pay for the training and college and only require an enlistment contract and program eligibility is very dependent on your ASVAB and grades from high school and any additional college.

You should also talk to your parents, school counselor and if interested in military programs talk to the local recruiting office. If you do decided to go the military route make sure you do plenty of research and ask a lot of questions to ensure you get what you want.

Please view the official links I attached and good luck.



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Tamela’s Answer

Hi Katie, with your current course load, I believe you have the academic foundation on develop a career in the medical field when you attend college. The current direction you're seeking can only coke from self reflection and research. Read about medical careers and discover what interests you. Once you have a couple of solidified options that you're interested in, look for a mentor that can give you insight on the career as well as allow you to shadow him/her at their place of employment. To begin your research in the health (medical) field, I found this website for you:

Hope it helps with your decision. Enjoy your Junior and Senior year--they will go by fast! TM

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Jeremy’s Answer

Hello, you should simply seek a college degree from any institution and let the chips fall where they may.
I myself wanted to be a doctor, through education I found a different way to heal others.
Keep charging at life!

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