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Do employers see value in a Coursera/edX/MOOCs certificates?

I want to continue my studies to build my career and have relevant skills in my field, but it is hard to do in-class courses with a full-time job. This made me strongly consider taking online courses.

I definitely think that further education is great for personal growth and learning new concepts and skills. Though I was wondering if employers actually see value in online courses and certifications, such as those on Cousera, edX, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Does it mean anything when they see it on a resume?

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5 answers

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Matthew’s Answer


In my experience recruiting and hiring individuals into the consulting field, I find this type of coursework valuable for two main reasons:

1) You're likely a self starter willing to identify and fill skill gaps on your own. This comes in handy on the job as I don't expect my team members to know everything, but I do expect them to not only be willing to learn but takes the extra steps to do so.

2) You're likely passionate about the chosen field of "volunteer" study. I want to invest my time in people that have a passion for their work. These people are most likely to persevere and find a solution when roadblocks are encountered.

With that said, I always look at the full picture when reviewing a resume. So, for example, if your GPA is low and you are still in school, I would suggest spending your free time getting those grades up rather than taking extra online courses. In another example, if you have a solid GPA, valuable extracurriculars (and/or are working a full time job), and are taking extra online courses to develop your skills, all the better!

Great question and I hope you find this helpful!


Matthew recommends the following next steps:

Ensure a solid foundation of strong grades, extra curriculars, and work experience, then consider pursuing online courses and certifications that can further prepare you for your field of choice.

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Carol’s Answer


From personal experience I totally look at the extra training a candidate gets. Additionally I have looked at and interviewed candidates that have taken classes through Coursera specifically. Note that most of those folks were pursuing technology careers, but still.

So yes.....List those classes and/or certs!!!!! It's a good move, shows your interest in learning....shows initiative.

Hope this helps!!!!


Carol recommends the following next steps:

Feel free to reach back out with any additional questions

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Hanleigh’s Answer

From my experience, employers accept and see value in those certificates. Those websites, in particular, are tied to accredited universities, so they are legitimate. Also, any type of training or certification is an asset to have as an applicant or employee.

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Daniel’s Answer


As a recruiter working with different hiring leaders, most of these will look favourably on certifications.

This shows the person has a capacity for self learning/development and can take this into their respective careers and grow and develop outside of the training supplied by a company.

This not only helps you grow and develop your skills but will allow you to broaden your horizons. I would recommend to keep up the additional course work.

There is a great resource available called Alison https://alison.com/ which has alot of free courses available also.

Hope this helps!

Daniel recommends the following next steps:

There is a great resource available called Alison https://alison.com/ which has alot of free courses available also.

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Héctor’s Answer

Hi Elsa,

That's so reasonable question. I ask that question to myself. :) I have participated in many interview processes and of course that depends a lot on the people interviewing and hiring but the answer is definitely yes.

Taking online course does not only give you more knowledge but also demonstrates your interest on keep learning. That is one of the most valuable skills interviewers are looking for.

Let me just add that having the official certificate could be a good proof of your interest on stay fit, but I would say it is not the only thing that matters. If you just take the courses and educate yourself that's awesome as well. You are going to demonstrate in your interviews all the things you are learning and that is what really matters. How you handle problems and face challenges. In this field, it is more about your skills than official certificates.

So I encourage you to keep learning.

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