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What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring?

Asked Devens, Massachusetts

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Roger’s Answer

Updated Walnut Creek, California

Hi Evans:

Thank you for your question and I am glad you used the word “values” in your question.

Many companies (if not most companies) operate utilizing a set of "values" to direct decision making at all levels of the organization. 

These company "values" are also used as a guide in determining employees we hire. My company is looking for employees that care, have humility, are inclusive, curious, accountable, and “do the right thing.”

  • Our values drive company decisions. For example at my company, we have six (6) values:
  • We are caring:  Everything we do is in service to our customers, to the community and to each other.
  • We have humility:  While we have much to offer, we listen and continue to learn.
  • We are inclusive: We want everyone to feel valued and respected as an individual.
  • We are curious: T his behavior is at the heart of excellence and innovation.
  • We are accountable: Accountability is the behavior behind our value "we keep our commitments."
  • We do the right thing:  Our trusted, respected brand remains strong, based on the foundation of more than 100 years of caring service to our customers.

Michael’s Answer


Great question Evans!

I find it's always helpful to tailor my resume to whatever specific company or job for which I'm applying. For instance, here at my current job I work primarily on the computer. During, my interview, I was asked questions like what apps I use on my phone, if I'm a person that everyone in the family calls to answer tech-related questions, and what my browsing habits are like.

I knew beforehand that the job would require exceptional multi-tasking ability, being able to speak clearly, and the ability to remain calm under high stress.

Doing your research on whatever company you plan to apply to can give you an enormous boost in your chances of being hired. Consider the different requirements listed in an application or position. if possible, speak with anyone that has been in a related field. There are other resources like GlassDoor which can provide insight into what work-life is like at any certain company.

During your interview, you may be asked to give an example of a time when you were faced with a problem, what your action was, and the final result. You may be asked what is an adversity that you've overcome or a time when you made a mistake and what lesson did you learn from it. Have a good example for anything that can highlight your adaptability, your perseverance, and your positivity.

Nicole’s Answer


That is an excellent question. One of the things I appreciate about our company is the desire for integrity. Integrity is something that I practice with every customer I assist and I love that it is a value that is important to my employer. Integrity is something that can be used in other areas of life as well, so practicing it at work will help you carry it over to other areas of your life as well.

Jessica’s Answer

They look for people who are confident, enthusiastic, motivated, and willing to learn!

Kevin’s Answer


First and foremost, Integrity. My company looks for leaders, positive attitudes, interview prepared and wants the job. #business