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What is the hardest part about the nursing program?

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Jeanine’s Answer

Hi, nursing is a very competitive program. Having said that, it really depends on whether you are looking into LPN or RN. LPN’s are the nurses you will find in nursing homes and ALF’s. For LPN you would go to a practical training school for and the program is about a year long.

RN’s the best way to get your RN is to achieve your A.S. From a community college and than apply to nursing programs.

The answer to your question is a bit complex because everyone is different. For me, when I was doing my prerequisites such as Anatomy 1 and 2 and Microbiology those were the toughest. What I can say is that once you learn how the body functions and everything begins to click, it becomes much easier. What I recommend you do is take advantage of tutoring, don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Study groups are so helpful, and don’t take any other challenging classes like math when taking Anatomy philosophy. Good luck and remember you can you anything you put your mind to. Things are only as hard as we make them.

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Michelle’s Answer

The answer to this really depends on the type of program you are considering. No matter which program you choose, rigorous study is required since you will have the lives of your patients in your hands.

I went to a 4 year college. Clinical rotations start at a very early hour, so dedication is required (meaning missing out on some fun that your friends might be having so that you are well rested and prepared for clinicals.) Also, a course maybe only a few credit hours, but that does not account for the many hours you will spend on care plans. Although you will continue to develop knowledge and skills throughout your career, the foundation you get in nursing school is absolutely critical!

Overall, the seemingly endless hours of study was completely worth it. Nursing is a great career!