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what would be a good starter car for a low pay rate?

Asked Haslet, Texas

Hi I am a 6th grader I want to be a game warden but I cant decide a good car to get me to work and back but has at least 13 miles to the gallon not like a dues and a half where you get 2 gallons to the mile. it needs to be small 2 row with at least 5 seats. And if I have kids I want it to be safe for small children if you have any ideas please tell me have a nice day and Merry Christmas. #general #people #dealerships

2 answers

JD’s Answer

Updated Kyle, Texas


Car choice is important. I have had to decide this issue on several occasions and based on my experience as a law enforcement professional and father of 2 children, here is what i suggest.

Jeep Liberty

It is relatively safe and dependable. It gets good gas mileage and is large enough to do most things and it is good on the road. It is also cool enough.

Good Luck JD

thank you for your advice It will be up their in the consider pile

Ollie’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Environmental Police Officer, eh? (That's what Game Wardens are called around these parts.)

The fisheries and wildlife department may supply a work vehicle. If not, and you're broke, get yourself a old rustbucket Subaru. They keep on running, and they have four-wheel drive so you'll have a shot at rescuing yourself if you get stuck in a swamp.

thank you I do need a cheap car that runs great I will start saving