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How to increase my research background?

Hello, I am a graduate student, my major is computer science. Right now, I am taking a master degree, in the future, I also want to be a PD.d student.
As I am taking courses now, I have little opportunities to do some research. But, if I want to apply for PD.d program, the research background is very important.
So can you tell me what can I do now? #college #research #science

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2 answers

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Matt’s Answer

Have you asked your master's academic advisor about research opportunities at your current school? In my experience, professors are always looking for students to perform various small research projects in their labs. Can be a great opportunity to get some hands on experience.

If you school is lacking in research opportunities, then you could do an independent research project as part of a course. You could ask your advisor about which courses have large project components that would give you an opportunity to perform small research projects.

Lastly, if you can't find courses that have relevant research projects, then you can put something together on your own. How you do that will really depend on the type of research you're looking to perform. There are a lot of open data sets online (e.g., check that you could analyze and write up into a small report. You could publish the report as a blog post and link to your analysis work on GitHub. This would give you a concrete independent research project that you can use in your Ph.D. application.

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What kind of research are you interested in? User Research, Product Research?

In addition to your computer science classes, take some courses in Cognitive Psychology. That will introduce you some basics on research methodologies. If user research, start reading some books on research to understand the basics.