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How do you juggle work while maintaining a social life?

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2 answers

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Jackson’s Answer

Simona: Reflecting back over 20+ years ago, what was the single most valuable life skills that I learned in college? It was time management. I had all these competing activities that required my time. How do I prioritize going to class, preparing for exams, completing homework, showing up to work, and maintaining a healthy social life? Can I really "have it all"?

The answer is absolutely YES. I can have it all but just not at the same time. It's unrealistic to expect that as a student I studied hard to get good grades, partied with my friends whenever they called, and showed up well rested to work.

It always come back to prioritization and boundaries. As a student, what are the most critical tasks in front of you? Is it studying and getting good grades? Is it working 40 hours a week? Or is it maintaining a healthy social life to keep your "friends."

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

Many colleges and universities provide free time management classes. Go take a free time management class.
Find an experienced mentor / coach who you trust and constantly "check-in". Even if it just 15 min coffee each month. You can learn so much from someone who already "being there and done that".
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Barry Eugene’s Answer

Thank you for your question. Juggling your social life and your professional career is highly dependent upon what you do for a living, and what is required from you on the job. In the social context, everyone may not have the same social life. Yes, you can do both, just there some factors consider.

I am sure that you will plan your work schedule and your social schedule. For example, you will not want to engage in extensive activities before having to go to a job that requires intense concentration. You may be exhausted and your critical thinking abilities may be challenged.
Remember that balance is key in anything that you do. When reporting for work it is essential that you are well-rested and prepared for the task at hand. Planning your schedule will assist you with becoming successful.