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Barry Eugene Graham, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN’s Avatar

Barry Eugene Graham, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN

Nursing Faculty - The College of the Florida Keys, Adjunct Online Nursing Professor Graduate Studies - Florida National University , Retired Flight Attendant & Doctoral Graduate.
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Key West, Florida
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samaya’s Avatar
samaya Feb 07 416 views

whats the best path to take when you want to become a nurse?

whats the best path to take when you want to become a nurse

Jeo’s Avatar
Jeo Nov 22, 2023 344 views

What is the best paying job in healthcare?

How can I become a nurse?
What is the best paying job for healthcare?
How difficult is it?

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 305 views

How hard is the nursing field really ?

I hear many people talk about how hard the nursing field is. Is it as complicating as it seems to be?

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Oct 09, 2023 381 views

Is nursing school as hard as people say it is?

Is it going to make me super anxious and make me completely sleep deprived as people say?

ruby’s Avatar
ruby Oct 04, 2023 222 views

when do you want to start going to school?

work hard in school.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 06, 2023 398 views

What are some pros and cons for nursing?

I'm in tenth grade looking for some information on a career in nursing.

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jan 16, 2018 3575 views

What is the hardest part about being a nursing student?

I'm a senior in high school and will be attending college in the fall as a nursing student. I'm just not sure what to expect or what it will be like. #nursing #college #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Simona’s Avatar
Simona Feb 27, 2019 477 views

How do you juggle work while maintaining a social life?

#nursing #nurse

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 18, 2016 1439 views

When attending college are your professors easily accessible to get extra help?

What if a topic doesn't come easy? Can extra time be set up with a professor? #college #nursing #professor #extracurriculars

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine Jan 07, 2019 566 views

what are some challenges you faced while becoming a nurse?

#nurse #nursing #healthcare #medicine

claire’s Avatar
claire Feb 26, 2021 607 views

what summer jobs would be good for a future nurse?

#college #medical #nursing

Alysa’s Avatar
Alysa Jan 16, 2018 605 views

Any advice going into a CNA certification class?

I have to have a CNA certifications be accepted into an accelerated nursing program and I want to know what to expect going into the class. #nursing #nursing-assistant #healthcare

Serenity’s Avatar
Serenity Mar 01, 2021 695 views

If I were to get an associates in nursing would their be any good paying jobs for me?

#mentalhealthfacilities #disability #nursing

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 02, 2020 718 views

how long is getting your bachelor degree in nursing

I am 20 years old #nursing

Deszirae’s Avatar
Deszirae Jan 23, 2019 803 views

is it true that you only need a associates degree to become a registered nurse

What path way would help me become a successful nurse