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what are some challenges you faced while becoming a nurse?

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Sarah’s Answer

Updated Monterey, California

All of my nursing classmates faced challenges while becoming a nurse, including myself. Financial, childcare, and time management were just some of the many challenges I faced while becoming a nurse. Challenges are possible to overcome. Achieving your goals and dreams does not happen overnight, without challenges. I overcame the challenges I faced with the support of my family and nursing classmates. It took me over 6 years and 5 different colleges to graduate nursing school. I worked most of the years part-time as a CNA and as a substitute teacher. Time management is something we all must learn how to do no matter what job field you enter. Setting goals and due dates helped me managed my time as well as doing what was a priority first. If I had a project due in a month I would work on it as soon as I could, however, if there was a paper due in three days.... that of course was my priority.

Sarah recommends the following next steps:

  • Have a good base and support structure laid out prior to enrolling in courses. If childcare or finances are an issue before enrolling in college.... they will still be an issue while in college. It is best to have a plan so you can focus on your courses and reduce the stress :)