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Wiktoria Aug 29, 2018 384 views

Are nursing classes worth it in the end?

I'm always hearing how hard they are I just want to know once you get your dream job is it worth all that work?

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Kenadrea Apr 12, 2018 537 views

What are the qualifications to become a nurse

Because this is the career I want to have and I would like to have more research on it #pediatric-nursing #nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

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jasmine Jan 07, 2019 428 views

what are some challenges you faced while becoming a nurse?

#nurse #nursing #healthcare #medicine

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Gian Feb 05, 2019 5199 views

How many days a week would I be working as a nurse or midwife ?

#nurse #registered-nurses #nursing #healthcare #midwifery