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hi i'm mahalingam i'm study in i will next of my career is apply to bank exam? this is correct????

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3 answers

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Sylvia’s Answer

You definitely have other options, don't limit yourself. You can pursue advanced Statistics courses and become a Data Analyst/Scientist which is a much growing field.

Sylvia recommends the following next steps:

Check of your current course provides Statistics as Elective and plan accordingly.
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Pradeep’s Answer

Hi Maha,
If you are dedicated for Commerce, opt for CA/CS in parallel with , which will open your doors from all the spheres with huge variety of companies as well as Banking sectors.
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Bharath’s Answer

Hi Mahalingam, Do you want to pursue a career in banking compliance/ government banking and be a PO (probationary officer)? If so, bank exams are the right choice for you.

Here is an excellent resource for government banking jobs that you can refer.

Bharath recommends the following next steps:

Go through the link in the answer above
Identify when the IBPS PO exam will happen