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What do you think is the biggest challenge to be a financial analyst?

I want to know what I need to work hard or what changes I need to make to become a financial analyst. finance business bank

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5 answers

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Evan’s Answer

I think a number of people who are drawn to financial analysis are naturally good with numbers. And this makes sense given that data analysis is core to the job. But many of the same people may find it surprisingly challenging to do another core part of the job: communication. To be effective in an organization you have to not only find solutions but be able to explain and convince others to go along with your conclusions. This is why learning how to present and learning how to be an excellent writer is so crucial, no matter how quantitative a job may be.
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Brad’s Answer

Understanding basic accounting and finance are critical to success as a financial analyst, along with being able to communicate in simple terms the results of your work.
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Jake’s Answer

I would agree with what Evan said—having good communication skills is crucial for a financial analyst and any job in general. You must be able to convey information about a company you analyzed to someone unfamiliar with the company. Another challenge is time management, as you are usually working on multiple things at once. With that in mind, I'd recommend you focus on developing a strong work ethic, good communication skills, and effective time management.
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Jason’s Answer

Hello: Yes, you definitely need to build an understanding of accounting and finance, which you can do through many in person or online educational programs. Your ability to analyze data, spot trends, and increasingly use technology such as articifical intelligence and machine learning to review large amounts of data will help you stand out from the crowd. One of the great things about this career is that you can work in many different types of companies. Technology, retail, consulting, manufacturing-- pretty much every large company needs financial analysts!
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Nicole’s Answer

As someone who currently works in Finance, I think the biggest challenge is being able to influence teams and learn to be able to use the latest tools (ex. Anaplan, SQL, Tableau, etc.). In regards to influencing teams, the data needs to be in a concise and easy-to-understand format. Another challenge is being able to reconcile data; often times, data can be messy and there needs to be some manual rework to get a clean set of data to work with. Finance also works with time constraints. There are typically tight deadlines when it's month-end or quarter-end close; sometimes you may need to work on the weekends and holidays.