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Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Dec 13, 2022 1242 views

What type of career could I do in psychology?

I am interested in psychology, but I do not know what careers are included in that. Can anyone recommend careers or share information about theirs that will help me choose? Thank you.

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Dec 14, 2022 629 views

How would one go about finding a job in marketing and/or advertising?

Are there certain degrees or experience that you would need in order to apply for such jobs? Or are there ways to apply for internships and/or get hired and then trained?

Randi’s Avatar
Randi Sep 30, 2021 872 views

how did you figure out what you wanted to do?

#undecided #major #job #career #work #college-major #jobs #job-search #careerpath #future

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Oct 01, 2021 1100 views

What is the hardest part about your job?

#Job #career-counseling #career Just asking.Feel free to answer.

Anastassia’s Avatar
Anastassia Sep 29, 2021 814 views

What is a skill you must have to succeed in Computer Science?

I don't know what I want to study yet and I want to broaden my knowledge about everything to get a better understanding of where I want to go. #college #computer-science

Reetu’s Avatar
Reetu Oct 03, 2021 829 views

I'm from INDIA and I am studying computer science in INDIA. I will gragute in 2025. I want to do a job in NEW YROK. How can I make it possible?

I'm 17 now, and I really wanna go to New York for a job and settle there.
#computer-science #career #college

Fakaiha’s Avatar
Fakaiha Oct 03, 2021 914 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

Yonghua’s Avatar
Yonghua Sep 28, 2021 1836 views

What do you think is the biggest challenge to be a financial analyst?

I want to know what I need to work hard or what changes I need to make to become a financial analyst. #finance #business #bank

Kadar’s Avatar
Kadar Sep 28, 2021 577 views

How long does it usually take to move up the corporate ladder and what can you do to move up?

I am very dedicated to having a job that Im interested in as a career and the job that i'm interested in is I.T. #career #business #career-path #job