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How does staying a year really affect you chance getting into college

I recently had a wake-up call and decide to fix my life. I use to I want good grade but did not really care. I did not turn in might homework, study, participate in class or ask the teacher for help. I was mostly was playing games, waste my time. Now do not get me to wrong. Games are ok to play only if you have you have an A. Anything lower there is still room to improve to help your GPA. Also, you have to be finished with your work. I think where I start not to do my homework was in middle school. I moved to a private school which had a middle school and Elementary when I was in third grade. The reason why was some of the teachers were not that helpful were from my old Elementary. I do not know if that was the right move. I now realize there are going to be bad teachers and just because they do not care about you, you still should out there but who know if I would have realized thathad not moved At the new school I moved at. Elementary school the teachers were great they really want to help exceptionally my third-grade teacher. In middle school, we had four teacher for the four main classes. We also had teachers for other classes but they were not really academic class like P.E. art, and etc. so we rarely have homework. During middle school, I had three teachers they taught me all three years. One of them was one of the best teachers I had so far, my third-grade teacher is also one. The other two are no doubt in my mind the worst teacher I had so far. ( I will call them, teacher and other teacher cause I do not want to get sued because I told their names) I'm making new phrase because I could not think of a phrase that best described what I am thinking about. Helping job- a job where the occupier job is to improve the wellbeing/success of another person if it affects their lives. This can apply to both freelancers(I put business/company owner under this) and workers(people who work under someone). A working helping jobs occupier is impacting a few people (like 1-500) These include police, firefight, first responder/ambulance, and teacher. Not all people in this job do it for just because they want to which not should be the case. Some of these jobs do not require high education but could lead to injury or death. Some people just get these jobs because they are lazy and do so to get more than a minimum wage job. (What I have seen, is that most freelancer helping job occupier is that more people they help scale with the money they have money one of these people who have a lot of money is Bill Gates. Before my wake up call I had no role model but now I want to be like Bill Gates. Yes is because he is rich but not in the way to this why I want the money. All I really need is just the basic necessities of life. I do not need fast cars, a big house, and really expensive clothes. I can you the money I earn to help out the world. I also have found a way to incorporate into my Senior Project and I hope it gets approved by my principal )Teacher (also include religious leader that religion teaches good morals) must no have of you help me I help you. They both had favorite in classes that I believe they pick because it would benefit them. One of them I am puzzled about how she chooses her favorites. I know her favorites the usually big trouble maker, what I mean by this is they cause a disruption in class. The other teacher favorites were all the people whose family would help her. Both their favorites were probably usually rich. You might say you have to be rich to go to a private school. Not everyone that goes to private school My parents could have brought a really nice car for every like two and a half years. They use to have flip phones and the only trips we really take to go camping. The other teacher judge use on this the only reason why she did not Everyone knew she had favorites and who they were. In my sister class, her favorite was a trouble maker who did not have good grades but I believe he had a heart for helping people. In my class, her favorite was again a trouble maker, but he had really good grades and a really high IQ but his moral were bad. I will not go into too much detail because if he does change I do not what this to affect him. His morals are not really affecting me and he was a kid back then and did not know better. But for my teacher they are grown adult they should know what they do affect people. They should know to be a teacher should not have favorites based on how they help their lives. My problem was I focus too much too much on the bad teacher I fail to realize the good teacher. My good teachers were the last of the teacher that taught me all of my middle school and old teacher who left and one teacher who became principal. (To clear thing I have four teachers for each main subject and one teacher left from left and one became Principal because the spot became vaccine. Then another one of my teachers came in and I did not really get to know him because I only knew him for a month. So in total, I had six teacher.) What differ from my good teacher and a bad teacher is that the good teacher care. Do not make the same mistake that I did which only focused on my bad teachers so then I forgot about the good teacher. Do not get me wrong my old school is great just a couple of people who did not care about if we succeed. Currently, at my high school, all of my teachers have been caring. It was not only my bad teacher how I was so stupid to not realize how much care my good teacher for middle and my past and current teacher at Graystone Day School
had for me. If you are reading this I am sorry for not caring enough. You cared about my future when I did not. You guys spend so much time and energy only to be disappointed. I told myself that I did care about my future but I was lying to myself. The reason why I use to play games so much is was that because it helped relieves stress. It relieves the stress so much that I did not think about my grade. The reason why I was so stressful was that I knew that my grades are bad. I played games to keep me not think about the not grades. Not turn in my homework became a habit. So which I had a chance to start over I did not do it which let made my grade bad and then I got stressful so I play games. What I want people to take away from my action is to realize yourself who is the good teacher, teacher who care, and who are the bad, teachers who do not care. Both kinds will disappoint in you not have if you are no trying to get a good grade but they have a different reason. Bad teachers would want you to get a good grade to make themselves look good because they could brag about they are the reason another student has A in class but that means they would be the reason you D. At least one person has to care about you about your future. Teacher one advice I can give you is to do not give up on your students one you give up. They could have a moment where like me they realize you care about them because you want the best future.

I will how to explain how my question applies to the text above.
I want to know how college deals with people who stay a year in high school. I really hope they deal with it on a case by case base and look at the reason you failed because if I mess up and get a really bad grade on a test and that test is enough to make me fell that class I am almost positive certain if I fell just one of my class that I will have to stay a year. Can someone please time me soon. I do not get into college what was the point of going to Graystone Day School which is a college prep school. I hear college like to have that have at least fail once in their academic from station 88.5. But I 60% sure that they did not get held back. I also know that if you do not have a high enough GPA you can't even apply for some college. I heard that you can raise your GPA by taking some classes in the summer at a college. Is that true and if could I take one becasue I am in 10th grade and I do not know if it only for 11th grade?

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4 answers

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Scott’s Answer


I do not know the exact answer to your question, but the good news is you are only in 10th grade so you have 2 years to make it better. First think i will tell you is to check with your schools guidance counselor, Some school districts allow you to take college classes online or some advanced classes count as both High School AND college credits at the same time. Doing good in these classes will assist you getting into college. Second SAT and ACT scores are very important. Take these early and multiple times. Also get a SAT tutor in between attempts studies have shown the are worth their costs. Finally, take this from someone that has been there, we will always have bad actors in our lives. It may be a bad teacher, bad professor, bad boss etc.. Don't let them define you. It will take time but once you figure out a way to rise above them you will realize you have become a better person despite them. If they do not provide educational information you need to successfully complete the class try to find the same information via other books or online resources to compensate. If you strive to be the best you can be, nothing can stand in your way. Good Luck. 

Your metaphor is great. Thanks for your time. Silang J.

My school allows us to take AP classes over the summer and during the school year. So I probably should take them over the summer right? Silang J.

Silang: I would only take an AP course if you were confident that you'd get a good grade. Getting a bad grade in an AP course would lower your GPA. You said you got an A in math but worse grades in other subjects. Perhaps you should look into the AP courses in math only. Is it possible to speak with the instructor for the math AP courses at your school before you sign up in order to find out if you are ready for the content and what chance you have of getting an A in the class? Jared Chung, Team BACKER

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Christine’s Answer

Not sure what you mean by "staying a year"?  Please clarify your question.

My school gives two lifelines before you have to stay in that grade. You can retake a class over the summer and retake the class the following year. I used both lifelines on English One... Right now, I am failing three class. Two classes mess up on something big have to take next year. Math I have an A probably because I do not have to explain how I got to my conclusion. I do not want to stay a year because I have to find someone who is a grade below me who want to help me because I do not get it not because they think I am stupid because failed a year. I have already found a group of friends who are willing to help me. Once they graduate they can not help me. I hate talking to people... but if I have to. Silang J.

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Kimberly’s Answer

I'm guessing you mean taking a year off before going to college? If so, it depends on what you do with that year. If you show that you worked to save up money, or took a certain job to explore different options, or just waited a year to consider your choices...then it won't affect your chances of getting into college. In fact, you can use it to your advantage by writing a college essay about why you took the year and what you learned from taking that extra time. 

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Christine’s Answer

Hi Silang J.

It sounds like you have had quite a few challenges in school. I agree that teachers have a big impact on the success of their students. However, I will also say that students have an even bigger responsibility to navigate through those challenges and focus on their own individual success. I would encourage you to seek out tutors, counselors, and peers that can  assist you with your studies and even as mentors to be able to express your concerns.  There is always SOMEONE around that CARES.  It sounds like you have decided to stop playing around with enough time to get your grades together to go to college. Again, speak to your counselors. They can MAP OUT a plan for you ensure that you take the right classes and get the right grades to pursue a college education. I wish you the best of luck .. but it truly sounds like you are on the right path!