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Apryl Jul 23, 2019 274 views

How long does it take to get a job in your field after becoming a Certified Medical Assistant?

#healthcare #medicine

DaVonte’s Avatar
DaVonte Aug 16, 2019 313 views

Is There A Such Thing As Outer Space Welding??

#Welding #Trainee

Sha'kala’s Avatar
Sha'kala Aug 27, 2019 268 views

Is your future set for you?

I am shakala and im 16 years old and in the future i wanna be a doctor that helps kids and older people.
#nurse #healthcare #doctor #career #medicine

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Aug 27, 2019 309 views

what would you recommend for me to do to become a succsessful medical assisant?

#medicine #medicine-assistant

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie Aug 16, 2019 296 views

Does welding pay as good as they say?

I'm 21 and planning on joining the welding business. I plan on using welding as a stepping stone to make a business. Would welding be a good job to save up money and build an investment? #money

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Feb 27, 2019 350 views

How to be a rich and happy adult?

Who do i have to talk too, be close with? How and who should I be as a person to find happiness? #sad

Silang’s Avatar
Silang Mar 01, 2019 527 views

How does staying a year really affect you chance getting into college

I recently had a wake-up call and decide to fix my life. I use to I want good grade but did not really care. I did not turn in might homework, study, participate in class or ask the teacher for help. I was mostly was playing games, waste my time. Now do not get me to wrong. Games are ok to play...

Harsha Praneeth’s Avatar
Harsha Praneeth Mar 03, 2019 362 views

Which specialization in Computer Science for a Masters degree is best?

@Germany #computer-science

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 05, 2018 549 views

Is it very stressful to know that you can be called in for an emergency delivery?

My name is Olivia and I am in the 8th grade at South Ripley Junior high. I love to care for babies and kids. I like to babysit babies and kids,I am a big baby lover and a kid lover too! #obgyn

Fathima’s Avatar
Fathima Sep 27, 2018 284 views

I am a 10th student. And a medical aspirant. Will choosing biopsychology in my 11th grade help me in achieving my ambition?

I am a 10th student. And a medical aspirant. Will choosing biopsychology in my 11th grade help me in achieving my ambition? Most of them doubt in choosing science or commerce😂 but for me it's different .. I know I want science.. but I doubt what in science? I am sure I definitely don't want...

Leighlyn’s Avatar
Leighlyn Sep 18, 2018 405 views

Has the Evaluating Factors of How Scholarships Are Given Changed Over the Years?

I heard that in the past, scholarships were more based on academics than on need and race/ethnicity, but now things have changed so that need and race/ethnicity are more weighted when choosing which candidate gets a scholarship--whether consciously or subconsciously. Is this true? This just...

Johan’s Avatar
Johan Sep 10, 2018 284 views

How can a high school student find a medical professional to job shadow to explore careers.

I am a junior in high school, and I would like to job shadow a doctor in Chicago. My interest is to learn what it takes to become a doctor. #healthcare

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Aug 29, 2018 405 views

What are the best scholorship apps?


Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Aug 29, 2018 462 views

Is it worth it to take out student loans?

I’ve been constantly going back and forth between shooting for a big name school (and taking on the loans that go with it)and going where I know I can get an education for basically free. I feel like expert opinions could really help as, especially with undergrad, it seems like it isn’t worth...

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 07, 2018 393 views

I am currently in 12th grade and I have been wondering what the best way to transition out of college into the “real world” of working and bills to pay.

I have thought about a roomate situation, but is that always the main option?