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Is your future set for you?

I am shakala and im 16 years old and in the future i wanna be a doctor that helps kids and older people.
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2 answers

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Piyush’s Answer

Yes, but only if you love your job and do it passionately. Do what you love and love what you do. Decide what you want and make it a mission. This is the right age for you to decide and start shaping your carrier. Also, medicine is a great profession where you get opportunity to serve humanity like you want to do. So it will set you carrier and gives opportunity to fulfil you dream to help kids and and old people.

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Scott’s Answer

Only you set your future. Outside forces distract and influence your decisions that may derail the future you had set for yourself. If you want to be a doctor, make a detailed plan on how you are going to do it and execute on it. Go Get It.