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What do fresh out of college Engineer majors do?

Asked Portsmouth, Virginia

Engineering is one major I'm considering but I don't know what I want to know.
I'm afraid I have a different idea of what actually happens after schooling.

I can see what classes those in that major take and what companies they may work for, but how different is the class work to an actual job?

And what types of projects are being assigned them?

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2 answers

Scott’s Answer

Updated Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This really depends on the type of Engineering degree you are looking at. There are four main categories Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical. Each one has many subcategories.  I am not an expert in most of them but I could see Mechanical, Civil and Chemical engineers doing similar tasks as one would during their education. I am a Senior Engineer in the IT field and every day seems to be different. Entry level IT engineers generally work in a help desk environment until your skills get homed into a specific platform or product line. The great thing about Engineering is that technology changes so fast, your daily work will change with it.

Simon’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, Georgia

When you start in engineering you will probably be paired up with s mentor or be part of a team. Engineers are problem solved do you will probably be asked to solve a problem and then explain you solution to a senior engineer of the rest of the team. Understanding technologies and installations is also important so you will probably spend a lot of time. With vendors and contractors. As a young engineer you should always have your work check by another engineer.