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What kind of computer is the most reliable and affordable to purchase and take to college?

Asked Bishop, Georgia

As an upcoming architecture student who will be running a lot of software, I was wondering what the best computer (on a budget of course) is? I would like this computer to last through college as well as contain plenty of storage! Thanks! #architecture #tech #computer

2 answers

Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey

Anna B,

An Acer

Kshitij’s Answer

Updated Milford Charter Township, Michigan

I assume by computer you mean a laptop. I personally find Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 series (especially 13 inches) is really good. They sell for like 600$ without discount. you can use it as a laptop and as a tablet. If you are planning to buy one , then look for back to school discounts on dell and best buy website.