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Anna Mar 05, 2019 576 views

What kind of computer is the most reliable and affordable to purchase and take to college?

As an upcoming architecture student who will be running a lot of software, I was wondering what the best computer (on a budget of course) is? I would like this computer to last through college as well as contain plenty of storage! Thanks! #architecture #tech #computer

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Anna Mar 05, 2019 711 views

To take on coding as a career, can you self teach?

I have a cousin who has been able to afford traveling all over the world while working to code and program computers, but he never earned a college degree. Is it possible to be hired without a degree today or is it still very important? #tech #programming #coding #computer

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Anna May 21, 2018 474 views

Are there lots of scholarships available not based on scores?

I have done a lot of volunteer work, so I was wondering if there are scholarships that could possibly reward that on top of my scholastic work. #scholarships

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Anna May 21, 2018 675 views

Do you have to know people to get involved in the design industry?

I plan on going into an environmental design program, but I’m a little bit worried about how hard it will be to get into the design world fresh out of college. I’m just worried about making connections, so I was wondering if this is a struggle for other people. #design #environmentaldesign...