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I am a law student but I'm an introvert that gives me trouble to speak confidently.Does it mean I have to change my personality in order to be relevant/pursue in this course?

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3 answers

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Ashley’s Answer


Many successful individuals are introverts. You do not need to change your personality but you will need to learn to speak confidently in a setting. I find that having confidence in the material I'm speaking about helps me to deliver my message more effectively. However, practice makes perfect. My personal life personality is different than my work personality as that is what I've chosen to make me more successful in my industry. In my personal life, I do not enjoy speaking in front of large groups but at work I'm comfortable because I know the material I'm covering so I'm confident to speak on it.

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

Practice public speaking
Know your material you're speaking on

Thank you for the answer:) nur afifah adriana A.

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Karen’s Answer

Great that you are a law student! You don't need to change your personality. I believe you will find other lawyers who also are introverts. To boost your confidence in speaking, you might want to join a group like Toastmasters where you can practice speaking on various topics. You can also begin today by making it a point each day to add a comment or question to conversations around you. Sometimes it's easier to think of a question related to what someone is talking about and they will be pleased that you asked.

You can continue being an introvert while also being very successful at the career you have chosen.

With every good wish!

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Bree’s Answer

I think you can still be successful in a role like this even when you may normally would consider yourself an introvert. The more I've learned the more confidently I have come to be in my work life. I would definitely still consider myself an introvert, but when I come to work I am confident I know what I am doing and can speak to that.