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What was the hardest thing you do as a paremedic?

I would like to be a paramedic. I am a student in the 11th grade currently attending the job corps program. I am getting my certificate as a CMA. What is the hardest p[art of your job? What do you think makes your job difficult or hard and how do you get over the problem? I would like to know because if I run intro these kind of things I want to be kind of prepared. #job #career #medicine #paramedic

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David’s Answer

Sying, the best preparation, is body strength. My partner and I, went to the gym, about five times a week. We concentrated on leg and abdominal strength. No one mentioned this in EMT and paramedic school. I wished someone did. I also, ran and rode the bike. Cardio, is just as important. You may be up, for that entire twenty four hours. Some patients cannot move, or help you at all. So you better be in good shape.

The hardest thing about about being a paramedic, is remembering that you are a basic EMT first. It takes a good EMT in order to be a good paramedic. If you’re struggling with any advanced level of pre hospital care, go back to the basics. The advanced will just take care of itself and won’t be hard at all. Try to get a job in any local emergency room, as a tech, or even a janitor. Just get your foot in the door. I started as an orderly on the med. surg. floor and worked my way into the ER. This made being a paramedic, a piece of cake. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. David George (Retired Paramedic)