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What keeps you going on your profession?

Asked Marshalltown, Iowa

What is your motivation for going to work everyday? How do you overcome some obstacle in your daily work place? #motivation

4 answers

Sanaa’s Answer


I am a Business Operations Manager (managing a team of software engineers and QA who are helping with data and analytics for marketing campaigns). I started my career as a Marketing Analyst followed by Product Marketing Manager, Business Operations Manager, Digital Campaign Manager and then my current role. I have really enjoyed the progress in seeing both my career grow as well as the changes in Marketing and Data as an industry. I am challenged everyday with not only my immediate projects and the overall difference I am able to make on a company's bottom line, but now that I lead a time, our collective efforts are so rewarding.

As far as overcoming obstacles on a day to day basis, not everyday is going to be challenging, rewarding and fun, there will be days where you are doing tasks, or projects that do not interest you much, but as long as you keep your enjoy the type of work, the type of people you work with more often than not, it will help to overcome minor obstacles or the "bad" days. If you aren't happy with the team or consistently unhappy with the kind of work you are doing, it is time to switch and look elsewhere would be my personal guidance.

Bob’s Answer

Updated Apex, North Carolina

My position is extremely demanding at times and can be stressful. What keeps me going is I truly embrace the challenges I am being presented with and the people, more importantly a profession that you like.

Kristin’s Answer

When I think of my profession, I think of two components - the day-to-day, and the long-term goals and effects.

The day-to-day is the personal interactions, the meetings, the presentations, the analyses, all the STUFF that helps to drive the success of your particular profession or position. Excelling at these day-to-day activities keeps me motivated to the larger goal. (Tip - even trying, failing and then picking myself back up to try again counts as excelling in my mind!)

The long-term is a bit more nebulous, but it really has to do with the impact of your work in your professional world. How do the little things add up to the big thing?

Nikhil’s Answer

Updated Cary, North Carolina

I manage a team of technical experts who provide High Touch delivery to our customers. Our team helps fix critical issues that may be encountered by customers around the world. In other words - we are team of problem fixers! The ability to make a positive difference by resolving issues on a daily basis is what motivates me and my team and keeps us going each and every day. 

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