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Nikhil Phansalkar

Senior Manager, Customer Delivery
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Cary, North Carolina
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kimberly’s Avatar
kimberly Apr 12, 2019 561 views

How many years does it take to be a photographer

I already love to take pictures of landscapes, and i would love to take more detailed and professional photos. #photography #fashion #art

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Apr 17, 2019 1916 views

what is the hardest thing about being a plumber and why?


Raymundo’s Avatar
Raymundo Apr 18, 2019 376 views

How did you prepare for this work?

actually what do you do for get ready for this work

Spurthi’s Avatar
Spurthi Apr 21, 2019 3504 views

Can i take up my career in Badminton as i am 19 years old now


Christina’s Avatar
Christina Apr 16, 2019 611 views

What kind of careers will best fit me?

My strengths are punctual, determination, and persevere. My hobbies are working out, reading, and volleyball. I love to help animals that are in need especially those who are injured.

Wah’s Avatar
Wah Mar 15, 2019 715 views

What keeps you going on your profession?

What is your motivation for going to work everyday? How do you overcome some obstacle in your daily work place? #motivation